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My First Post

So this is my first post, of my first blog, of my first built-from-scratch-server. I originally built it up with Ghost, on my Rackspace virtual Ubuntu made from zero inspired by this awesome series of Wired articles.

Why get my hands “dirty” with Node.js, or scripts, or shells ? Just because it’s harder.

I loved Ghost, but because our website at Transactility is done in Rails, a few front end stuff we’ll be doing might involve Rails and Ruby, I decided to take a look at Jekyll and Octopress

It’s the way to learn about things and go back to my “hacker” (in the good sense), assembly language days of the Commodore 64. There are plenty of hosted solutions, Web based Blogspots, etc. but I liked the idea of installing everything from zero, be forced to use git more frequently, and feel a bit more of a hacker. Simple, concrete, just write in Markdown, type a few commands and publish it just by pushing to a git repo (I’m using Heroku)